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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Metaphysics Blog

Gabriele Contessa has started a group blog devoted to metaphysics.

Take a look at Matters of Substance. Contributors will include:

Elizabeth Barnes
Karen Bennett
Ross Cameron
Gabriele Contessa
Kit Fine
Katherine Hawley
John Heil
Thomas Hofweber
Jonathan Jacobs
Dan Korman
Dan López de Sa
E.J. Lowe
Ned Markosian
Kris McDonald
Jennifer McKitrick
Stephen Mumford
L. A. Paul
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
Jonathan Schaffer
Robbie Williams
Jessica Wilson
Dean Zimmerman

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Metaphysics articles, Pruss on choice and substances & important reviews


Huw Price, "Metaphysics after Carnap: the ghost who walks?" To appear in David Chalmers, Ryan Wassermann and David Manley, eds., Metametaphysics (OUP, 2009).

William Lycan, "Phenomenal Intentionalities."

W. Russ Payne, "What is a Law of Nature."

Toby Handfield, "The metaphysics of dispositions and causes."

Gyula Klima, "The Medieval Problem of Universals." (SEP)

Anil Gupta, "Definitions." (SEP)

Carl Hoefer, "Causal Determinism."

Peter Menzies, "Counterfactual Theories of Causation."

Blog posts

Alex Pruss, "Prediction of Choices."

_______, "Why do we need substances if presentism holds?"

_______, "Love of substances"


Eric T. Olson, What Are We? A Study in Personal Ontology, Oxford University Press, 2007, 250pp. Reviewed by Michael O'Rourke, University of Idaho.

Lucy O'Brien, Self-Knowing Agents, Oxford University Press, 2007, 231pp. Reviewed by Robert J. Howell, Southern Methodist University.

Steven Horst, Beyond Reduction: Philosophy of Mind and Post-Reductionist Philosophy of Science, Oxford University Press, 2007, 223pp. Reviewed by D. Gene Witmer, University of Florida.

Georg Gasser (ed.), How Successful Is Naturalism?, Ontos, 2007, 300pp. Reviewed by Joseph Rouse, Wesleyan University.

Trenton Merricks, Truth and Ontology, Oxford University Press, 2007, 202pp. Reviewed by Ben Caplan, Ohio State University.

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