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6th Annual EPS Apologetics Conference

Earnestly Contending

November 20 - 22, 2008
New Life Worship Center

Earnestly Contending Apologetics Conference

Each year, the EPS sponsors an apologetics conference at a local church in order to provide on-site equipping of leaders and parishioners. This year we will showcase topics like

  • How to respond to Dawkin's God Delusion
  • Meeting the challenge of Oprah's Secret
  • The challenge of moral relativism
  • Responding to Islamic truth-claims
  • How to make sense of neuroscience claims about God and spirituality
  • Responding to claims that fabricate the real Jesus
  • Cutting-edge evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus
  • Moral arguments for the existence of God
  • How to do apologetics with gentleness and with respect

Come hear our cast of scholars explain important ideas in an accessible sort of way:

and several others ....

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For more information: www.apologeticsconference.com
Type of event: National

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