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Antony Flew's Deism Revisited


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Back to Article[7]. In our discussion for Philosophia Christi, I asked Tony which term he preferred. Tony was convinced that "theism" was the better word for the article, even if less accurate, because he thought that the nuances of "deism" were not well known and would raise too many definitional issues. But it turned out that "deism" was well received, hence its more accurate use in this article.

Back to Article[8]. For some details, see Flew and Habermas, "My Pilgrimage from Atheism to Theism," 208 - 11.

Back to Article[9]. The page numbers cited in the text of this article are from the bound but not finally corrected proofs of the book.

Back to Article[10]. Varghese is a long-time philosophical and scientific conference organizer, editor, and winner of a 1996 Templeton Book Prize for Outstanding Books in Science and Natural Theology.

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Back to Article[14]. Antony Flew in discussion with the author, October 3, 2007.

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