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W. Paul Franks, PhDW. Paul Franks, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair, Tyndale University College

W. Paul Franks is an an Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Department Chair at Tyndale University College (Toronto, Canada). Before earning his PhD in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, he earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from Biola. His work is primarily in the philosophy of religion, though he also teaches courses in philosophy of mind, ethics, and political philosophy. Some of his recent publications include,  "Counterpossibles and the ‘Terrible’ Divine Command Deity"
(Religious Studies, co-authored with Richard Davis), "Divine Freedom and the Free Will Defense" (Heythrop), "Original Sin and a Broad Free Will Defense" (Philosophia Christi), and "Layman’s Lapse: On an Incomplete Moral Argument" (Philo, co-authored with Richard Davis). Paul has been a member of the EPS since 2005.

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