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Garry DeWeese, PhDGarry DeWeese, PhD

Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics; Director, Th.M. emphasis in Philosophical and Moral Theology

Garry DeWeese's concentration is in metaphysics and epistemology, specifically as related to philosophical theology. He is deeply committed to helping the church articulate and defend the concept of objective truth in an age of postmodernism and growing relativism. With a background in the sciences, he also has a long-standing interest in the relationship of science and theology. He authored God and the Nature of Time, Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult (with JP Moreland), has contributed chapters to a number of books, and has published articles in journals such as Philosophia Christi and Discipleship Journal.

Areas of Specialization

philosophical theology, philosophy of religion

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Books by Garry DeWeese

  • Doing Philosophy as a Christian Doing Philosophy as a Christian
    J.P. Moreland and Francis J. Beckwith
    InterVarsity Press, forthcoming
  • God and the Nature of Time God and the Nature of Time

    Ashgate Publishing, 2004
    ISBN #0754635198

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