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Peter Stephen WilliamsPeter Stephen Williams

Lecturer, Damaris Trust

British philosopher Peter S. Williams (b. 1974) studied philosophy at Cardiff University (BA), Sheffield University (MA) and at the University of East Anglia (MPhil). He now works with Christian charity Damaris Trust (, leading Philosophy & Ethics conferences for school students. Peter is a Guest Lecturer at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication in Norway. Peter is the author of: The Case for God, (Monarch, 1999); The Case for Angels, (Paternoster, 2003); I Wish I Could Believe in Meaning: A Response to Nihilism, (Damaris, 2004) and A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism (Paternoster, 2008); co-author of Back in Time: A Thinking Fan's Guide to Doctor Who, (Damaris, 2005); and has contributed chapters to other books, including Matrix Revelations: A Thinking Fan's Guide to the Matrix Trilogy (Damaris, 2004).

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Areas of Specialization

Natural Theology, Intelligent Design, Angelology

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  • A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism A Sceptic's Guide to Atheism
    Peter S. Williams
    Paternoster, 2008

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