Moreland on Willard: ‘We Have Lost a Five-Star General”

May 10, 2013
Posted by Joe Gorra

“Dallas was a man with a deep, pervasive, penetrating intellect.  He was a Christian first and a philosopher second,” observes long-time friend and former student of Willard’s, J. P. Moreland in his tribute here. J.P. also said, “We have lost a five-star general in the armies of God, and the world is not what it was when he was among us.

Three days before Dallas passed on, J.P. spoke to him on the phone and reports this:

He was lucid, in good spirits, but so weak that he could hardly project his voice over the phone.  He knew he was dying.  I told him that I wanted to take a minute to celebrate his life and remind him of the impact for the Kingdom he had had.  Well, being the humble, unassuming person he was, Dallas would have none of this.  I told him he had to listen to me whether he wanted to or not, and he responded that he would take the praise as from the Lord, and I filled his ear with his wonderful legacy.  He closed our conversation by remarking on “what a glorious future we all have in the Kingdom,” and that was how the man approached his death.

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