New E-Newsletter Resources Christian Worldview Readers

July 24, 2019
Posted by Joe Gorra

Our world is awash in information. Curating quality sources is an important resource to any earnest reader.  In part, that is what “The Worldview Bulletin” (WB) seeks to accomplish as a recently launched e-newsletter.

WB features articles, interviews, choice quotes, video and podcast recommendations, book discounts and previews, along with announcements about various apologetics events, and even some culture-oriented news items. While their content selection seems attuned for a thoughtful ‘general public’ readers of Christian worldview content, they do not shy away from promoting the occasional academic monograph, especially if deeply discounted or free.

Launched this last Spring by Christian scholars Paul Copan, Paul Gould, and Christopher Reese, WB seeks to help readers “stay informed about current ideas and issues at the intersection of culture and Christian philosophy, theology, and apologetics.” 

Managing editor, Chris Reese, told me that WB was started “to address important issues in a timely fashion (much more so than you can with a book, journal article, or the like). We also wanted to try to curate some of the best resources around the Internet that we feel Christians can benefit from and need to be aware of.” Reese also encourages EPS members to contribute to WB: “We welcome ideas for short articles, links to items of interest, info on conferences and events, book announcements, etc.  Anyone is welcome to email them to me.”

I recently reviewed the WB archive, and was struck by the range of content and authors promoted. In addition to content by Copan, Gould, and Reese, readers will find contributions by various other EPS members and Philosophia Christi writers (e.g., Tawa Anderson, Rob Bowman, Stewart Goetz, JP Moreland, William Lane Craig), and so many more writers among various Christian apologetics and worldview training networks.

WB runs a monthly, paid subscription with original articles ($5 per month), and then also a weekly “Useful Things” e-newsletter that is for free. Subscribe today to both and check-out their archive to learn more!