Christian Philosophy and Philosophy’s Perennial Problems

Dr. Joseph N. Partain, PhD

This paper joins Paul Moser, William Hasker, and Graham Oppy in that part of their discussion which concerns philosophy’s perennial problems. In their challenge to Moser’s project, for the most part, Hasker and Oppy draw from the extensive range of such questions, while avoiding the obvious, namely, philosophy’s “big questions.” The paper argues that it is the latter which, in an important sense, contextualize and serve as prolegomena for the Good News of God in Christ. However, this only occurs for a properly Christian philosophy, when through biblical answers many of these questions come to closure.

On the other hand, when philosophy insists on non-closure and writes the rules of knowing such that what Scripture says about these questions does not count as knowledge, it keeps at bay what Moser calls “God’s inquiry in Christ.”

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