On the Metaphysics and Coherence of Evolution

Dr. Graham Floyd, PhD

The theory of evolution is the most popular scientific explanation for the origin of the species and humanity. It is also consistently presented as a refutation of religious claims about the origin of the species and humanity.

In this paper, I wish to briefly inspect the metaphysical claims implied behind the theory of evolution: namely the sharing of traits and properties amongst organisms. This metaphysical claim implies that the theory of evolution must rely on a metaphysical theory of universals, which has implications that undermine the theory of evolution as the origin of the species and humanity. As a result, the coherence of the theory of evolution becomes questionable, paving the way for religious claims on the origins of the species and humanity to be reconsidered.

The full text of this paper is available for FREE by clicking here. The paper is part of an ongoing EPS web project focused on a Philosophy of Theological Anthropology.