The Economics of Anthropology: Imago Dei as a Source for Economic Principles

Dr. Graham Floyd, PhD

Economics is one of the most contentious issues in modern societal and academic thought.

This paper argues that human anthropology, specifically the theological doctrine of the imago Dei, serves as a source for basic economic principles which provides an understanding of how economics should be exemplified in creation.

First, the paper outlines the doctrine of the imago Dei. Second, the doctrine of the imago Dei is tied to the philosophical theory of universals, particularly as it is understood in a Christian context. Third, the paper connects these two positions with the concept of natural law. Finally, the paper notes areas where the biblical conception of natural law implies certain economic principles that guide the existence and flourishing of human beings.

The full-text of this paper is available for FREE by clicking hereThe paper is part of an ongoing EPS web project focused on a Philosophy of Theological Anthropology.