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Larry and Joshua Moody, ThMLarry and Joshua Moody, ThM

Speakers and authors, Search Ministries

Larry Moody, Th. M, is the President of Search Ministries. Larry has also been involved with professional athletes since 1978. He served as Chaplain for the Baltimore Colts 1978-1983 and as Chaplain to PGA Tour players from 1981- to the present. Larry currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents of Dallas Theological Seminary and as an EMF (K-LOVE and Air 1) board member.

Joshua Moody, ThMJoshua Moody, Th. M., grew up around the mission of Search, and has been on staff with Search Ministries for the last 15 years. His greatest desire is to see people overcome the barriers that stand between them and Christ. Out of this desire, Josh has met with people one on one, led groups of outsiders as they wrestled with life's greatest questions, and trained Christians to more appropriately and accurately handle the questions that friends ask. Additionally he has written, edited, and produced numerous materials (including the recently revised I'm Glad You Asked) that can be used in this pursuit. Josh and his wife Rhonda live in Columbia, MD, with their four sons.

Available Lectures by Larry and Joshua Moody

  • 131123_MP15 When Reason Isn't Enough: Addressing Other Barriers to Faith When Reason Isn't Enough: Addressing Other Barriers to Faith
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