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In 2004, Philosophia Christi published a unique article that made headlines around the world--a very unusual circumstance for an academic journal of philosophy.  One of the world's most famous atheists, Prof. Antony Flew, made a formal presentation about his change of mind on the existence of God that was profound and truly newsworthy.  Prof. Flew has now come out with a book on his journey and Gary Habermas--Flew's friend, interviewer, and debate partner on many occasions--agreed to do an in-depth review.  And we are making it available now to our friends through our new web site.

Antony Flew gives few interviews on the topic of his move to theism, but keep an eye on Philosophia Christi for a forthcoming "update interview" on this topic with Gary Habermas.  You will see it here first!

Craig J. Hazen
Editor, Philosophia Christi

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