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Philosophical Theology Contributions in the Winter 2020 issue of Philosophia Christi

'Be Quick to Hear and Slow to Speak': Exploring the Act of Listening as a Christ-Shaped Philosophical Virtue
This paper argues that listening is a philosophical virtue that is an essential characteristic of the Christ-shaped philosopher by meeting the Divine Love Commands Continued..

Descartes and the Philosophy of Theological Anthropology
Richard Mouw reflects on a contribution by Descartes to the history of philosophy despite common criticisms in the history of philosophy and theological anthropology. Continued..

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March 19 - 20 2021

2021 Virtual Southeast Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society
Charleston, South Carolina

The Southeast Regional Meeting of the Evangelical Philosophical Society is held in conjunction with ...

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February 18 2021

EPS at the 2021 APA Central Division Meeting

Come participate in the 2021 EPS session at APA, February 25th at 7:10 pm (CST), to discuss the topic, read more

February 16 2021

2021 EPS Call for Panel Proposals at AAR/SBL

Participate in EPS panel sessions at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical read more