Enjoy dozens of FREE web papers on important questions about doing philosophy as a Christian, the nature of the human person, and the importance of the public-facing role of Christian philosophical reflection in the academy and on crucial societal issues.

“Philosophy of Theological Anthropology” with Sarah Borden Sharkey, Glenn Butner, Jean-Baptiste Guillon, Graham Floyd, Nathan A. Jacobs, Chris L. Firestone, William Hasker, Joshua R. Farris, Richard Mouw, and many others!

“Philosophical Discussions on Marriage and Family Topics” with Michael Austin, Michael McFall, Daniel J. Hill, Mark J. Boone, Teri Merrick, Adam Omelianchuk, Benjamin H. Arbour, John R. Gilhooly, and many others!

“Christ-Shaped Philosophy” with Paul Moser and dozens of other contributors, including William Hasker, Richard Davis, Graham Oppy, Michael Austin, Clifford Williams, Michael T. McFall, Charles Taliaferro, Angus Menuge, David K. Naugle, Aaron Preston, Harry Bunting, Mark Mcleod-Harrison.

“Christian Philosophers in the ‘Secular Academy’” with Marylin McCord-Adams, Christopher Tollefsen, Robert Koons, Christopher Tollefsen, Michael Austin, Robert P. George, Michael T. McFall, Stephen T. Davis, and many others!

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