Winter 2008 Philosophia Christi

October 22, 2008
Posted by Administrator

We are nearly at press with the next issue of Philosophia Christi.

In our 10:2 (Winter 2008) issue, there are several important contributions to enjoy. Highlights below.

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Highlights in the Winter 2008 issue

  • Book symposium on Dale Allison’s Resurrecting Jesus, with contributions by William Lane Craig, Stephen T. Davis, Gary R. Habermas and a final response by Allison.
  • Book symposium on William J. Abraham’s Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation, with contributions by Stephen Long, James Beilby, James K. A. Smith, and a final response by Abraham.
  • A variety of articles that criticize a version of the Kalam cosmological argument, William Hasker’s philosophy of mind, and a recent version of philosophical relativism.
  • Diverse notes about Christian physicalism, Oppy’s Arguing about Gods, Paley’s natural theology, and an interaction with N.T. Wright’s theodicy.
  • Several book reviews, such as Antony Flew’s review of Dawkin’s God Delusion and notable reviews of Hare’s God and Morality, Kalderon’s Moral Fictionalism, Adams’ Christ and Horrors, Philipps’ Religion and Friendly Fire.