EPS in Atlanta: Highlights

November 16, 2010
Posted by Administrator

EPS Reception: Wednesday, 8:30 pm in room Salon A (Atlanta Hilton)

Conference registered EPS members and interested ETS members are welcome to come and enjoy fellowship with a word of encouragement from Taylor University’s Dr. James Spiegel.

EPS Plenary Session: Thursday, 3:00 pm in East Ballroom (Atlanta Hilton)

Come hear Dr. Alvin Plantinga present on an argument against materialism.

EPS Business Meeting: Thursday, 4:30 pm in East Ballroom (Atlanta Hilton)

Come hear about the latest happenings with the EPS, including who are the newest elected members of the EPS Executive Committee.

EPS Apologetics Conference (JFBC)

Thursday and Friday night (at 7:00 pm) and also Saturday morning (8:30 am)
Location: Johnson Ferry Baptist Church (Marietta)

Come join over 20 philosophers, theologians and apologists as they help equip people to think through tough challenges and objections to the Christian worldview.

More info at: http://www.epsapologetics.com/

EPS at the Society of Biblical Literature Meeting: Saturday, 7:00-10:00pm at the Atlanta Hilton

Dr. Michael Rea will chair a session titled, “Is Yahweh a Moral Monster?” with participation from Paul Copan, Matthew Flannagan, Randal Rauser, and Richard Hess.