Nick Wolterstorff and Miroslav Volf on Faith in a Liberal Democracy

June 14, 2011
Posted by Administrator

A couple years ago, Yale Divinity’s theology and culture professor, Miroslav Volf, interviewed Nick Wolterstorff about that timely of timely considerations, how to think about faith-commitments and religious discourse in a “Liberal Democracy” (It’s often a treat when scholars interview each other as colleagues and friends).

Volf also reviewed Wolterstorff’s monumental book, On Justice: Rights and Wrongs (the Summer 2011 issue of Philosophia Christi also has a fantastic review of Wolterstorff by Joel Schwartz, and be looking for some future contributions related to On Justice in an upcoming issue of the journal).

I look forward to considering Volf’s argument in his forthcoming book, A Public Faith: How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good, especially in light of Wolterstorff’s work, Wolterstorff and Volf’s Yale co-contributing project on human flourishing, and in view of a “theology of faithful presence,” such as recently advocated (“popularized”?) by James Davison Hunter’s 2010 book, To Change the World.