October 12, 2011
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Meeting at Moody Bible Institute

30-31 March 2012


  1. Contestants must be currently enrolled at an academic institution as either an undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. Contestants must be student members of EPS and be endorsed by a full member of EPS.
  3. Contestants must attend the 2012 ETS/EPS Midwest Region meeting (registration is through the Evangelical Theological Society) hosted by Moody Bible Institute to be eligible for an award.
  4. Previous award winning contestants are not eligible to compete. Only a select number of student papers are admitted into the EPS program.


  1. Write a paper (circa 4000 words) on any topic of interest to evangelical philosophers.
  2. Submit 1) your proposed paper title and abstract by 15 December 2011 to Timothy Erdel (see below), along with 2) an endorsement by a EPS regular member who is supporting your submission, as well as the following: 3) personal contact and current degree program information.
  3. Submit a full draft of your paper by 1 March 2012 to Timothy Erdel (see below).


  1. All decisions of the EPS Awards Committee are final.
  2. Both undergraduate and graduate awards may be made. There is no obligation to give an award in either category.
  3. Awards are normally based on both the written paper and the oral presentation.
  4. Awards will include the honor of the achievement, a book, and cash.

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