Recommended EPS-ETS Panel Discussion (THURSDAY): Ethics

November 08, 2011
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Christian Ethics

3:00-6:10 pm
Marriott – Yerba Buena 10

Moderator: Daniel R. Heimbach
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)

3:00-3:40 pm
David A. Horner
(Talbot School of Theology, Biola University)
Too Good Not to Be True: A Call to Moral Apologetics

3:50-4:30 pm
Mark Daniel Liederbach
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy: Exploring the Vital Link Between Doctrine and Ethics

4:40-5:20 pm
Dennis P. Hollinger
(Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) The Ethics of Contraception: A Theological Analysis

5:30-6:10 pm
Evan Lenow
(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
The Forgotten Virtue of Friendship: Thomistic Friendship and Contemporary Christian Ethics