Recommended EPS-ETS Panel Discussion (FRIDAY): Forgiveness

November 15, 2011
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Analytic Theology: Forgiveness

9:45-12:55 pm
Marriott – Foothill D

Moderator: Michael Rea
(University of Notre Dame)

9:45-10:25 am
Cristian Mihut
(Bethel College, Indiana)
Changing One’s Heart: Forgiveness, Resentment, and Empathy

10:35-11:15 am
Christian B. Miller
(Wake Forest University)
The Challenge to Virtue, Character, and Forgiveness from Social Psychology and Philosophy

11:25 am–12:05 pm
Peter W. Martens
(St. Louis University )
Does Atonement Entail Forgiveness? Two Classical Approaches to Jesus’ Death