The Summer 2012 issue (vol. 14, no. 1) leads with a unique and stimulating discussion between Alvin Plantinga and Michael Tooley about Plantinga’s “new argument against materialism.” In addition, other contributions include the following:

  • Nathan Jacobsasks, “Are Created Spirits Composed of Matter and Form?” and offers a defense of “Pneumatic Hylomorphism.”
  • Stewart Goetzcritiques N.T. Wright’s critique of dualism.
  • Esther Meekcontrasts Michael Polanyi and Alvin Plantinga’s contributions to epistemology.
  • Christian Miller and Cristian Mihutcontribute to discussions on forgiveness, resentment, and virtue ethics.
  • John Jefferson Davisaddresses the challenge of inter-religious epistemologies in the Christian-Buddhist discussion.
  • Charles Taliaferro discusses the significance of thought experiments in Derek Parfit’s work.
  • Kirk MacGregordiscusses the irrelevance of gratuitous evil.
…. and many more wonderful book reviews, important news about upcoming journal themes, and news about great fellowships and conferences!
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