William Lane Craig – Video from the Reasonable Faith Tour of England

September 10, 2012
Posted by Administrator

Video of Bill Craig’s ‘Reasonable Faith’ Tour of England in 2011 (and 2007) is available free on-line at several venues including:

YouTube: The Reasonable Faith Tour (UK)

Bethinking: Audio & Video from the Reasonable Faith Tour

The tour took Craig from London to Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester debating the existence of God with British atheists such as Peter Atkins, Arif Ahmed, Stephen Law and Peter Millican, as well as giving several lectures on diverse themes, including Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design.

See Frank Turek’s interview with Bill about the tour here.

Bobby Conway likewise interviewed Craig about the tour here.

I was privileged to partner with Bill in a debate at the Cambridge Union Society on the motion “This house believes God is not a delusion”; my blow by blow analysis of the debate, as well as the video, is available here.