Reason, Revelation, and the Civic Order

September 20, 2014
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In 2014, Northern Illinois University Press published Reason, Revelation, and the Civic Order: Political Philosophy and the Claims of Faith by Paul R. DeHart and Carson Holloway. DeHart is assistant professor of political science at Texas State University in San Marcos and author of Uncovering the Constitution’s Moral Design. Holloway is associate professor of political science at University of Nebraska at Omaha and author of The Way of Life: John Paul II and the Challenge of Liberal Modernity.

From the publisher’s description for Reason, Revelation and the Civic Order:

While the dominant approaches to the current study of political philosophy are various, with some friendlier to religious belief than others, almost all place constraints on the philosophic and political role of revelation. Mainstream secular political theorists do not entirely disregard religion. But to the extent that they pay attention, their treatment of religious belief is seen more as a political or philosophic problem to be addressed rather than as a positive body of thought from which we might derive important insights about the nature of politics and the truth of the human condition. In a one-of-a-kind collection, DeHart and Holloway bring together leading scholars from various fields, including political science, philosophy, and theology, to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy and to demonstrate the role that religion can and does play in political life. Contributing authors include such important thinkers as Peter Augustine Lawler, Robert C. Koons, J. Budziszewski, Francis J. Beckwith, and James Stoner.