The 2015 European Leadership Forum

February 10, 2015
Posted by Administrator

Dear fellow Christian philosophers and apologists,

Are you a philosopher based in Europe? Do you know any
European evangelical philosophers? Would you like to connect them to a network
of European evangelical philosophers? We need your immediate help in letting
them know about the possibility to attend the 2015 European Leadership Forum.
The Forum conference will be held 30 May- 4 June in Wisla, Poland. The Network
will be led by Evangelical Philosophical Society member Bruce Little.

I was
able to attend the 2014 European Leadership Forum, and I highly recommend it to
others. I have attached a blog post that I wrote after returning from the
Forum last year.

Keep in mind these important points:

This Network is European in its vision and content. It is being spearheaded by
the European Leadership Forum, and it is not an American outpost.

2. In
order to keep the European Philosophers Network active, we need participants.
So, we need your prompt assistance in getting the word out to your European
evangelical friends/contacts who have a philosophy degree (masters or doctorate)
or are at least in the second year of an undergraduate philosophy program.

3. The Network is designed to be a working philosophical conference
with eight original, accessible papers. Participants agree to read all
eight papers and responses before attending the Forum to be able to actively
engage in discussion.

4. This year’s programme will include
interdisciplinary discussions with scientists, apologists, and theologians.

Current philosophy students will automatically receive a scholarship covering
part of the conference fees.

I’ve provided a

link to the announcement,

which contains the application and conference details. Please pass this, as well
as the PDFs of the
2015 Philosophers Network speaking program and the
blog post on to your European philosopher and apologetics friends. All
questions should be directed to Kevin Saylor at

Thank you for your help in sharing this valuable opportunity with our
European brothers and sisters.

All best wishes,
Dr. Angus Menuge