Concordia University Announces the First Annual UCPO Apologetics Conference

April 17, 2015
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Have you ever wanted to develop a
stronger foundation for your faith?
You are invited to attend the first-ever
Concordia Apologetics Conference!
This conference will feature two
world-renowned Christian apologists
(defenders of the faith) as the main
speakers.The conference will also
include CUW’s own professors of
philosophy, all of whom are
prominent Christian thinkers, as they
speak on various aspects of
apologetics. Join us as we learn why
we can Hold Fast to our faith!

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Gary Habermas
  • Mr. Craig Parton

Faculty Speakers:

  • Dr. Angus Menuge
  • Dr. Ronald Ehlke
  • Mr. Brad Ellis
  • Rev. Dr. Gregory Schulz
  • Rev. Dr. Keven Voss

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Download flyer here.