McCall on Analytic Christian Theology

December 14, 2015
Posted by Administrator

IVP Academic recently published Thomas H. McCall’s An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology (2015). McCall is a contributor to Philosophia Christi, a professor of biblical and systematic theology and director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

From the publisher’s description:

In this introduction to analytic theology for specialists and nonspecialists alike, Thomas McCall lays out what it is and what it isn’t. The goal of this growing and energetic field is not the removal of all mystery in theology. At the same time, it insists that mystery must not be confused with logical incoherence. McCall explains the connections of analytic theology to Scripture, Christian tradition and culture, using case studies to illuminate his discussion. Beyond mere description, McCall calls the discipline to a deeper engagement with the traditional resources of the theological task.