Call for Papers: Journal of Hospital Ethics

August 03, 2017
Posted by Administrator

The Journal of Hospital Ethics (JOHE) is seeking submissions of completed manuscripts by authors with professional expertise and clinical involvement in the context of hospital patient care.

JOHE is a specialized journal focused on ethical issues that arise within the context of academic hospitals. JOHE includes thoughtful and scholarly feature articles, case analyses, and practical guidance to assist in resolving moral uncertainties and value conflicts encountered in hospital-based care. 

Submissions on topics involving clinical bioethics broadly construed will be considered, although papers focused specifically on future designated JOHE topics will be given priority.

Articles should be scholarly, relevant, and focused on informing clinicians about how to approach and help resolve specific ethical issues that arise in a hospital setting.

The submission deadline is January 1, 2020.

For more information about submission guidelines, please contact Christian Carrozzo.