God and Creation in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth

October 23, 2018
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In 2018, Cambridge Press will publish God and Creation in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth by Tyler R. Wittman. Wittman is Assistant Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. His research and writing concentrates on issues surrounding the theology of God’s perfections, the Trinity, and Christology. His articles have appeared in International Journal of Systematic Theology, Modern Theology, and Pro Ecclesia. He is a member of the American Academy of Religion and the Evangelical Theological Society.

From the publisher’s description of God and Creation in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth: 

The legacies of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth remain influential for contemporary theologians, who have increasingly put them into conversation on debated questions over analogy and the knowledge of God. However, little explicit dialogue has occurred between their theologies of God. This book offers one of the first extended analyzes of this fundamental issue, asking how each theologian seeks to confess in fact and in thought God’s qualitative distinctiveness in relation to creation. Wittman first examines how they understand the correspondence and distinction between God’s being and external acts within an overarching concern to avoid idolatry. Second, he analyzes the kind of relation God bears to creation that follows from these respective understandings. Despite many common goals, Aquinas and Barth ultimately differ on the subject matter of theological reason with consequences for their ability to uphold God’s distinctiveness consistently. These mutually informative issues offer some important lessons for contemporary theology.

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