In 2018, Lexington Books released Plantingian Religious Epistemology and World Religions: Prospects and Problems in the Studies in Comparative Philosophy and Religion series, by Erik Baldwin and Tyler Dalton McNabb. Erik Baldwin teaches at Indiana University, Northwest. Tyler Dalton McNabb is assistant professor of philosophy at Houston Baptist University.

From the publisher’s description of Plantingian Religious Epistemology and World Religions

To what extent can non-Christian religious traditions utilize Plantinga’s epistemology? And, if there are believers from differing religious traditions that can rightfully utilize Plantinga’s religious epistemology, does this somehow prevent a Plantingian’s creedal-specific religious belief from being warranted? In order to answer these questions, Baldwin and McNabb first provide an introduction to Plantinga’s religious epistemology. Second, they explore the prospects and problems that members of non-Christian religions face when they attempt to utilize Plantingian religious epistemology. Finally, they sketch out possible approaches to holding that a Plantingian’s creedal-specific religious belief can be warranted, even given believers from other religious traditions who can also rightfully make full use of Plantinga’s religious epistemology.

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