Enjoy Digital Access to Philosophia Christi!

February 20, 2019
Posted by Joe Gorra

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, I am very excited to announce the availability of Philosophia Christi (PC) via The Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC). An entire Library of philosophical resourcefulness just became accessible to the world! 

Effective immediately, you can now search and browse over 900 articles, philosophical notes, and book reviews from PC since 1999, including the most recent issuevol. 20, no. 2. the Winter 2018 issue leads with a discussion on Erik Wielenberg’s “Godless Normative Realism,” along with many other interesting insightful examples of Christians doing serious philosophical work in different areas of philosophy.

In addition to gaining direct, digital access to the entire PC archive, going forward your print subscription to the journal or your EPS membership can be wonderfully supplemented by a digital subscription. For as low as an additional $25/year, enjoy annual access to both the current issue + the entire PC archive by signing-up via PDC.

Enjoy these wonderful benefits of PC via PDC:

  • All content browsable/downloadable in a PDF format, 
  • All content keyword searchable, linkable, and with ‘first page’ previews (great for sharing links to content across various social media platforms). 
  • All content will start to formally and routinely appear in content aggregators and search engines like PhilPapers.org and Google Scholar.
  • All digital subscribers will get first alerts when new content is available.

Your EPS membership (which still includes a print subscription to PC) and your print-only subscriptions will continue to be run out of our main subscription management office, along with being purchasable via the EPS website.

What a great time to submit your best papers to Philosophia Christi and enjoy digital access to hundreds of papers already published from this rewarding journal.

Please join me today in letting students, friends, and colleagues know about PC’s availability via PDC. And think of a student, colleague, or friend that you might want to gift a subscription to as well!

Best regards,
Mike Austin

President, Evangelical Philosophical Society