Atheism: A Critical Analysis

June 30, 2019
Posted by Administrator

In 2019, Wipf and Stock released Atheism: A Critical Analysis by Stephen E. Parrish. Parrish is a professor of philosophy at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

From the publisher’s description of Atheism:

Does atheism have a monopoly on reason and science? Many think so—or simply assume so. Atheism challenges the many hidden assumptions that have led to the popular belief that atheism is the “default” position for explaining reality. Delving into the most basic and fundamental questions of existence, this thought-provoking book explains that atheism does not and cannot provide a secure foundation for thought and life. Specifically, it demonstrates that atheistic theories cannot explain the existence of an ordered universe, the conundrums of consciousness and knowledge, or why there is morality or beauty. Rather than being the result of reason, atheism is shown to be, in effect, a revolt against reason. If you enjoy pondering the most basic issues that confront us in our world today, then Atheism is the book for you.

To learn more about Parrish’s work, and related to Atheism: A Critical Analysis, see his featured book, The Knower and the Known: Physicalism, Dualism, and the Nature of Intelligibility