EPS at the 2021 APA Central Division Meeting

February 18, 2021
Posted by Joe Gorra

Come participate in the 2021 virtual APA Central Division meeting (February 22-27), including the following Evangelical Philosophical Society session:

Date: Thursday Evening, February 25, 7:10–10:10 p.m (CST)
Topic: “Evangelicalism and Race”
ChairKristen Irwin (Loyola University of Chicago)
Description: In light of the Summer 2020 protests for racial justice, and the disparate impact of COVID-19 on racial minorities, now is an opportune time for evangelical philosophers to reckon both with evangelicalism’s role in racial injustice, and with how it might contribute to furthering racial justice. Panelists may discuss any of the following themes:
  • HISTORICAL ROLE: How has evangelicalism in general, and evangelical philosophy in particular, contributed (negatively or positively) to the current state of affairs in our society on issues of race? Where have evangelicals contributed to racial injustice? Where have evangelicals contributed to racial justice? What kind of reckoning(s) within evangelicalism are necessary in order for the tradition to orient itself towards gospel-centric racial justice?
  • SCHOLARLY RESOURCES: What scholarly resources in the evangelical tradition, and within evangelical philosophy in particular, are there to address the racial injustice that exists within the tradition itself? What can those resources contribute to addressing racial injustice as a whole? How can evangelicals develop more such resources?
  • LEARNING FROM OTHER BELIEVING INTELLECTUALS: What are some differences between how evangelicalism in general, and evangelical philosophy in particular, has addressed (or failed to address) issues of race, and how other Christian intellectual traditions have addressed these issues? What can we learn from the approaches of other traditions?
  • FUTURE DIRECTIONS: What do you see as the current vocation of evangelical intellectuals, and of evangelical philosophers in particular, given the contemporary movements towards racial justice as exemplified in, e.g., the Black Lives Matter movement?
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