December 19, 2021
Posted by Joe Gorra

The Evangelical Philosophical Society will have a Group Meeting at the 2022 Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association (The Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, February 23-26).

Our session will take place on Thursday, February 24 from 7:15-9:15pm, and will be a panel discussion on the theme “Evangelical Philosophy in an Exvangelical Age.”


  • Amber Bowen (Redeemer University Canada)
  • Kate Finley (Hope College)
  • Robert Garcia (Baylor)
  • Michelle Panchuk (Murray State)

Our panelists will be discussing questions such as:

  • What feature(s) of evangelical philosophy/philosophers might drive people away from evangelicalism?  What feature(s) of evangelical philosophy/philosophers might draw (or keep) people in evangelicalism?
  • How has the movement of intellectuals out of evangelicalism (into other religious traditions or out of religion altogether) affected the topics and perspectives represented in evangelical philosophy
  • Which elements and resources of evangelical philosophy might be brought to bear on the problems and issues raised among exvangelicals?

We hope that you will join us for what promises to be a vigorous and stimulating discussion! EPS members may also find these Central APA sessions to be of interest as well. Please register for the conference via the Central Division’s registration page (available online at early-bird rate until 2/4/22). Conference registration is discounted for APA members; to join the APA, sign up here. A PDF of the draft program is available here.