Given the Evidence, Natural Theology is Here to Stay!

Dr. Tedla G. Woldeyohannes, PhD

Paul K. Moser rejects arguments of natural theology for several reasons.

This paper considers two of those reasons.

First, Moser argues that since Jesus and the Apostle Paul are models for Christian philosophers and since neither used arguments of natural theology, Christian philosophers should follow suit and reject arguments of natural theology. I reject this reasoning on the grounds that there is a more plausible explanation why Jesus, the Apostle Paul and other biblical writers did not have to use arguments of natural theology.

Second, Moser claims that one of the reasons why arguments of natural theology fail is because they are not cogent for a wide audience, including shrewd agnostics. I reject this claim on the grounds that there is a better explanation why arguments of natural theology encounter resistance from shrewd skeptics, agnostics and atheists.

The article concludes with a reflection on Moser’s strategy that connects his religious epistemology to his conception of Christian philosophy.

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