The Ethics of Childrearing and A Theory of Justice

Dr. Michael T. McFall, PhD

The ethics of parental childrearing is complicated in a liberal pluralistic society, and this is made more complicated when religion is considered.

As part of a larger project, this paper examines the ethics of Christian childrearing and argues that Christian parents may seek to transmit their beliefs to their children and examine some boundaries.

First, the paper examines John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice and modifies his veil of ignorance scenario. The paper then engages Rawls’ developmental moral psychology and how it relates to the ethics of religious upbringing. After exploring Rawls’s account of self-respect and how it relates to love, the paper concludes by examining the importance of parental love and how this is tied to intimacy and privacy.

The full-text of this paper is available for FREE by clicking here. This paper is part of an emerging web project about “Philosophical Discussions on Marriage and Family Topics.”