Theistic Foundations of Morality: Interview with David Baggett

In this wide-ranging interview, David Baggett (with co-author Jerry Walls) discuss many different areas from their 2011 book, Good God: Theistic Foundations of Morality, including:

  • The uniqueness of their thesis and approach in light of other moral apologetics contributions.
  • Major objections against theistic ethics.
  • What it was like to co-author and attempt to write for a broader audience beyond just for professional philosophers.
  • How their argument attempts to respond to objections from naturalists and “radical voluntarists”
  • How atheism and nihilism are related and unrelated.
  • Why they think a Calvinistic concept of God is problematic for a moral argument for God’s existence.
  • Why they argue for a particular version of voluntarism for understanding moral obligations and divine command theory.
  • How natural moral law theory figures into their discussion.
  • What their discussion contributes to understanding the problem of evil.
  • How distinctive Christian teaching advances and benefits the discusion on “theistic foundations of morality.”

… and so much more!

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