Why No Classical Theist, Let Alone Orthodox Christian, Should Ever be a Compatibilist

Dr. Jerry L. Walls, PhD

This Philosophia Christi article argues that no classical theist, and even more no orthodox Christian, should affirm compatibilism in our world. However plausible compatibilism may be on atheistic assumptions, bringing God into the equation should radically alter our judgment on this ongoing controversy.

In particular, if freedom and determinism are compatible, then God could have created a world in which all persons freely did only the good at all times. Given this implication of compatibilism, three issues that are already challenging become extraordinarily more difficult, if not insuperable, namely: moral responsibility, the problem of evil, and the orthodox doctrine of eternal damnation.

The full-text of this article is available for FREE by clicking here. The article originally appeared in the Summer 2011 issue of Philosophia Christi.