Philosophia Christi is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year by the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS) with the support of Biola University as a vehicle for scholarly philosophical discussion.

The Editorial team at Philosophia Christi invites English-language submissions that provide original work in the core areas of philosophy as well as philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, and philosophical apologetics. Original work should not have been published elsewhere, in whole or in part, and it should not be under consideration elsewhere, in whole or in part, without the consent of the Editor. Unique work should offer a decisive contribution to Philosophia Christi and it should show the significance of  its contribution to relevant philosophical ideas and literature. We honor carefully honed scholarship, with effective organization of thoughts and arguments that employ a readable and nuanced style. Submissions are initially reviewed by the editors before determining whether the paper will proceed through the blind review process.

Although submissions from specialists and established scholars are preferred, submissions of superior quality from graduate and Ph.D. students are welcome. Contributors do not need to be members of the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Philosophia Christi publishes Articles, Philosophical Notes, and Book Reviews.

General Style Requirements

  • Articles and Philosophical Notes: All submissions to Philosophia Christi must follow The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) and should be in Microsoft Word, twelve-point font, double-spaced, with footnotes (also double-spaced).
  • Blind-review ready. Please prepare the paper so the author’s identity is anonymous, including in any footnotes.

General Descriptions


  • Description: Articles offer an original thesis that uniquely contributes to a stream of philosophical discussion. Articles should be focused in their scope, decisive in their contribution, and interact with relevant primary and secondary source
  • Length: The preferred length of articles is between 4,000 and 9,000 words (approximately 16 to 36 manuscript pages).

Before acceptance, external reviewers will offer a “blind review” of the submission. We reserve the right to edit for usage and style. All accepted submissions are subject to editorial modification. Prior to printing, authors of articles and notes have the opportunity to review their submission in typeset form and to make any final changes. All authors of articles and notes will receive one gratis copy of the journal in which the article appears along with a digital copy of the article or note.

Philosophical Notes

  • Description: Notes are brief discussions of a focused issue of philosophical interest to our readers and may be more personal, responsive, or more reflective than regular research. Responses to previously published articles in Philosophia Christi or extended review essays are published in this section.
  • Length: Notes should normally not exceed 4,000 words.

Style and submission guidelines for Philosophical Notes and Articles are the same.

Book Reviews

Submission of unsolicited book reviews is permissible, but prior communication with the book review editor is preferred. Proposals for review essays may also be sent to the book review editors. Please ask Managing Editor, Betty Talbert, for more information on book review guidelines.


Please direct all particular correspondence on Book Reviews to one of the following Book Review Editors:

Please direct all correspondence for Articles and Philosophical Notes to:

Rights & Permissions

Please contact Managing Editor, Betty Talbert, for information and updates about reprint issues.

  • Authors are free to reuse their own articles in other publications they write or edit – no further permission is required. We only require acknowledgement of the original publication in Philosophia Christi. When you acknowledge, please mention alongside the original publication details. Please let us know where the article is reused, especially if in a book (we are happy to promote the publication!).
  • Authorized users may make up to 100 print copies of single articles for any personal, instructional, or non-commercial purpose. No further permission is required. Please acknowledge on the print copies (e.g., “Learn more about Philosophia Christi by going to“). Please let us know which instructional contexts use the content. We love learning where the content is studied and used. 

Permission is required to make more than 100 print copies, or for republication in any anthology, textbook, monograph, journal, reference work, database, or web site. Please contact Betty Talbert with the permission request. For example . . .

  • the Philosophia Christi article(s) seeking reprint permission;
  • the source where the reprint will appear (e.g., author, publication and publisher, the expected publication date, expected print run).

Open Access Archiving Policy

Authors may post a non-formatted version of their article as submitted to Philosophia Christi to open access web sites. This means a version in a format that does not duplicate the look and feel of the journal (such as ASCII TXT, HTML, Word). We cannot grant permission for the use of any file format that reproduces page images from the journal (such as TIF, PDF, JPEG). Posting a non-formatted version of the paper allows authors to make their work more widely known without asking a non-profit journal to bear the cost and risk of free distribution.