Four Views on Christianity and Philosophy

Dr. Paul M. Gould, PhD and Dr. Richard B. Davis, PhD

Philosophy and Christianity make truth claims about many of the same things. For example, they both claim to provide answers to the deep questions of life.

In Four Views on Christianity and Philosophy (Zondervan, 2016), EPS members, Paul M. Gould and Richard B. Davis, edit, compile and introduce interactions on four predominant views about the relationship between philosophy and the Christian worldview and their implications for life and practices.

The contributors and four views include:

Each author identifies the propositional relation between philosophy and Christianity along with a section devoted to the implications for living a life devoted to the pursuit of wisdom. One of the benefits of this book is the point-counterpoint responses and replies among proponents of each view.

In their resourceful introduction, Paul Gould and Rich Davis explain the background to this “four views” discussion and provide some historical background, as well as helpful summaries of each position in the conclusion.

In the reader-friendly, Zondervan Counterpoints format, this book helps readers to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each view and draw informed conclusions in this much-debated topic.

Gould and Davis present their co-edited volume with the intent to help resource and encourage professors, students, pastors and other Christian leaders.

Their own “advice to students” embodies the ideals of this book. How might one think about going into philosophy?

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